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Edgar’s Gift is a charity set up to support young adults between the ages of 18 and 30 who are have been diagnosed with cancer and will be or are undergoing treatment.

We believe that during this difficult and uncertain time the young person deserves to continue as normal a live as possible. We support this by offering gifts such as communication tools or special experiences with their friends or family.

Gift eligibility criteria

Applications need to meet the following criteria:

Application guidelines

Applications for gifts or special days should be made using the Edgar’s gift application form only. We can’t accept applications by any other means.

All applications will be considered using the above guidelines. You can either complete the application form on line or by filling it in using block capitals.

You must be referred by a medical representative/professional who is involved in your care and or treatment.

We may need to contact you or your medical representative to arrange your gift, or discuss requirements, so please ensure your details are current and up to date.

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Address (including Post Code)

Which hospital are you attending?

What can Edgar’s Gift do for you? What item or facility would you like (if known, please include details of the request… i.e. trip to ABC hotel and spa… iPhone) Your request should not exceed £450.00)

How will this item help you?

Referring Hospital Professional ( Please include, Name, Position and Contact details

What happens next?

Edgar’s Gift will review you application. If your application is accepted we’ll order your gift or arrange your experience. We will contact you to arrange delivery or establish the best time for your special experience. A representative of the charity will hand over your gift or experience tickets.

How can you help us?

Edgar’s Gift is a registered charity in England and Wales (no. 1141337) and we rely solely on donations from the public to continue our work. You, your friends and family can help us by arranging events to raise money as well as awareness of the organisation.