Our aim is to support as many young adults suffering with cancer as we possibly can with the resources available to us, in order to bring some light into what they are going through.

Gifts can range from technology items (e.g. Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets or Games Consoles), to gym memberships, shopping vouchers, VIP Football Experiences, or even a Meet The Meerkats experience day like one we have done before.

All gift requests are individual and we work as best possible to get the patient what they would like within the parameters we set out as a charity.

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As of September 2021, Edgar's Gift has supported over 450 young adults suffering with cancer and we aim to continue this work to help those in need.

We focus our efforts mostly on the Midlands area, however, will consider patients in other areas as if we are able to support then we will.

If you wanted to enquire about the process, find out further information or request a gift from us, then please head over to the Contact Us page and send us a message.

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