2 wishes for Alex Hopwood to make her Christmas in Hospital more bearable.

Wish no: # 67, 68

On 15/12/2013 Top Shop agreed to open 1 hour early so that Alex could do some clothes shopping. She wasn’t well enough to shop amongst the crowds so this was a great gesture. We were delighted to provide Alex with £200 to spend in the shop.

We delivered a Mini Ipad to Alex on Christmas Day morning at the Leicester Royal Hospital as she was in there all over the Christmas period. We were glad to do this and received this lovely email from Alex the other day:

Hi I would like to thankyou for the lovely surprise today(Christmas day)for my mini iPad that you kindly took your time out to come and visit me in the bone marrow unit at lri.it couldn’t have been easy with what you have gone through.also I loved my topshop trip last Monday it really lifted me has I’ve been in hospital since September.I admire you work you are doing and I know when I’m better I would like to help others in there battle against cancer.love alex and familyx